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Critique Service
What is a critique?
A critique is a one-off written report on your script, manuscript, sit-com or play. I offer a lengthy and considered report based on its strengths, weakness and market potential.

Why Do I Need A Report?
A critique is ideal if you are:
  • Stuck between drafts
  • Receiving rejections
  • Having difficulty identifying where the script/manuscript doesn't work
  • Wanting to re-focus and re-define your strengths
  • Intent on giving the script/manuscript the highest possible chance of being commissioned by a producer or agent
  • Eager to invest in your writing future
I will be objective and furthermore my experience as a reader in the Film Industry makes me the ideal person to read your script.

So What Exactly Is A Reader?
When your script/manuscript is sent to a producer or an agent it goes straight to a reader (who is usually either the assistant of the person you've targeted or an in-house reader or freelance). The reader then writes a synopsis and more importantly an analysis of the script/manuscript with a final recommendation at the end. The producer or agent decides whether or not to read your work based solely on this coverage.

What Makes You Special?
I offer a comprehensive and personalised critique service with each report in excess of five pages. My reports breakdown the script or manuscript into clear sections and are individually tailoured to each submission. My aim is to match your needs as a writer. I treat the writer not just the script.

At the end of each report I write a bullet point list of easy to follow suggestions for the next draft. I never try to rewrite, instead I encourage the writer to explore, strengthen and build upon their own writing skills. My comments are detailed, constructive and motivational.

Do You Read Short Stories & Articles?
The answer is yes! If you want feedback on a short story you want to submit for publication or a competition then send it to me. Similarly if you have written an article and want fresh advice I can help you on that.

What Do I Do Next?
Contact me for a free initial consultation either on the phone or via email. This gives you greater opportunity to get the most out of me. Once I have read the script or manuscript I am available for one email or phone appointment to discuss my report.

How Do I Send My Material To You?

Payment is received in advance either through paypal, cheque or via my bank account. I will confirm receipt and then ask you to submit your material. The turnaround time is anything from one to three weeks.
We can discuss my hourly rate and any specific report requirements over the phone in the initial consultation. Any further telephone conversations (aside from the post report feedback) or additional report coverage will again be charged at the hourly rate.

Client Feedback
"After Hannah had read my screenplay I began to understand, for the first time, exactly where I had been going wrong. Her notes were incisive, generous but tough. I'd had no idea what next to do with my script but with her notes and suggestions I felt inspired to tackle the 3rd draft"
Joe King, London

"I've always enjoyed writing short stories but even though I kept sending them off to magazines I always got a no. What was I doing wrong? I sent a selection off to Hannah and she told me exactly what needed to be done. She made me believe that writing is technique. Work hard. Keep writing. Get better. So I rewrote them and resubmitted them and I got my first commission!"
Mary Hill-White, Manchester

"Insightful, detailed and very encouraging."
Michael Fornaught, Nerja